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FMA oneshot - POW

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Fullmetal Alchemist or any rights to merchandise of Fullmetal Alchemist
A/N: The idea started out as just the ending part, where Ed and Roy are together, and since I had to put some sort of background on the story, I wrote the beginning and it just flowed. It’s longer than I thought it would be.
GENRE: angst
SUMMARY: Edward has been captured as a POW in time of war. Will he survive?
RATING: PG-13ish


It was just after one of the many battles that took place here. Flames were still licking the sky; the soldiers of Amestris that could still walk were tending to the wounded. To any average soldier, this would be in the norm right after the kind of fight they had just had. But Colonel Roy Mustang, The Flame Alchemist, wasn’t an average soldier. Oh, this was normal all right, except for one little detail that would be the death of him if he couldn’t find it. Major Edward Elric, The Fullmetal Alchemist, and Roy’s lover, was nowhere in sight. Roy had been frantically searching and calling Ed’s name for the past hour. He hadn’t seen Edward among the dead bodies, much to Roy’s relief. But he hadn’t found him among the healthy, injured, or otherwise. Roy hadn’t found the temper-mental blonde in the medic tent, either.
Damn it, Edward! Where are you?! Roy mused. He was torn from his thoughts when he heard Lt. Colonel Riza Hawkeye run up next to him.

“Colonel! Colonel! I have terrible news, sir! It’s about Major Elric...” Hawkeye said more quietly. She was one of the very few people who knew of Roy and Edward’s intimate relationship as lovers.
“Terrible news about Ed?! Well spit it out already, Hawkeye!” Mustang fought down the urge to shake the woman until she told him.
“Well, it appears that he was taken as a POW by the enemy, sir.”
“And he was the only one captured, too…” Riza managed to reply in a both apologetic and thoughtful tone. “I can’t imagine why they’d only take Edward, though.”
“I... I cannot believe this! This is all my fault!” Roy fought back tears as the memory of the last time he had seen his love came back.

They had started the battle standing right next to each other, protecting each other. But the enemies had eventually formed a growing gap between them, and the last time the Flame had seen the blonde, he was yards away, preoccupied with so, so many enemies.

Roy had to rescue Ed, whether it was the last thing he ever did or not, he would rescue his love. After screaming at and shooting some of his own POW’s, he had finally found out where the enemy POW prison was. Roy had to let Riza come with, otherwise she’d be doing some gun persuading of her own.

After a while of traveling, they came up to the prison, which was, to their surprise, shockingly unwell guarded. After a few rounds were fired from Hawkeye’s gun, all the guards they could see were gone.

“You stay out here, Lt. Colonel and kill any watch-guards that come by.” Roy said looking ready to jump inside at any moment and kick-some-major-ass.
“Yes sir. But Colonel, what about you? You’ll be all alone in there!” Hawkeye said, unable to keep a calm tone of voice.
“Don’t worry about me, Riza, I’ll be fine!” And with a reassuring smile, Colonel Roy Mustang was heading off to something that would change his life forever.


“Hey, enlighten me again as to why we only took this brat, would’ya?” One of the prison guards asked for what seemed like the billionth time.
“I told you; because he was the only one that you didn’t kill that we could get our hands on!” The other answered, slapping the first in the back of the head. “Come on, let’s get something to eat. It’s getting boring watching that State Alchemist cry.”
“Well I know I’d be crying too if you stabbed me in the gut with that big-ass knife!” The first warden said as he followed the other out to the mess hall.

Once they had left, Edward began to sob even more, clutching at the bleeding wound in his stomach. He’d been lying there on the floor, curled up into a ball on his side, trying to stop the bleeding since he had gotten impaled. He was sobbing for more than one reason, though. The first was obvious to anyone who saw him, but the second was the fact that he knew he’d never see his loved ones ever again. The two loved one’s on top of his ‘want-to-see-before-I-die-in-this-hell-hole’ list was his younger brother, Alphonse, and his lover, Roy.
He’s probably running around, frantically looking for me right about now. Poor bastard, he’s wasting his time... Ed thought until he heard footsteps running down the hallway.

The only thing that came to Edward’s shocked mind when he saw who it was, was ‘ Speak of the Devil!


Roy Mustang had gotten into the prison and gotten passed all the guards so far with ease. They didn’t even notice him! The only hard thing about this was finding Edward. Surprisingly, he hadn’t seen a single POW since he’d been here. That’s probably why there aren’t many guards here...

Roy was beginning to worry when he heard familiar, pained sobs coming from only a few rooms down. Roy then rushed in, and the first significant thing he saw was his beloved Edward, curled in a ball on his side, laying in a small pool of blood, clutching his gut, sobbing, and staring back at Mustang.

“Roy...?” Ed asked in a weak voice.
“Edward! Yes, it’s me.” He replied as he rushed over to the younger alchemist, pulling him close, and grimacing when he saw the bleeding wound. “Ed... What did they do to you?”
“One of those bastards impaled me for retaliating. Roy... how did you get in here?” Fullmetal asked as he leaned his head onto his lover’s shoulder as Roy tried to at least get the bleeding to slow down.
“I snuck in, Lt. Colonel Hawkeye helped me. We ha—“ Roy was cut off by Edward’s lips colliding with his own, which both gladdened him & aggravated him.

Edward gave Roy the most loving kiss he could muster in this condition when he heard the footsteps of the two guards coming back. Right before they entered the room, Ed pulled away from Roy, knowing what was going to happen in just a few moments.

“After I’m gone, run, Roy, run from this place and never look back. And just remember, I love you.” Edward said, gazing into Roy’s onyx eyes.
“I love you too, Ed, but what do you mean, ‘after I’m gone’, and ‘ru—‘“ Roy was cut off when a gunshot was fired, his lover gave out a pained cry, and then he went limp in his arms.
EDWARD!!!!! ” Roy screamed out as Ed went completely limp. “Love... no...”
“Ha, oops, looks like we killed our POW! Oh well, we have this other one to replace the shrimp now!” The two guards laughed, screaming when Mustang snapped his fingers, setting them ablaze.


Lt. Colonel Riza Hawkeye was standing patiently outside when Colonel Roy Mustang ran out of the building, alone, turned, and with a snap of his fingers set the building ablaze.

“Colonel! What are you doing?! What about Edward?!” She demanded in a startled tone, running closely behind her superior officer.
“Edward’s dead. This was his final wish, Riza…” Roy sulked.
“Edward’s... dead...?” Hawkeye repeated quietly in disbelief as Roy ran away from the burning building faster than he ever thought was humanly possible.

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