alaynea decker (i_luv_al) wrote in d_binder,
alaynea decker

Ok so this picture came to be because me and supports_edxroy  were talking and she kept saying how she needed help finding things to draw, so it got me thinking.   I saw this

 and i had an idea.............

so here it just to warn you, it's really bad

so in the middle is fletcher, i drew al from the movie cause i thought it would match that muffy girl.

It's really hard for me to draw russel(who knows why) but that turned out really good.

I was going to draw ed in like in the movie, but i forgot how he looks in the movie......

so in the game the main character(which is fletcher right now.) has to marry one of these three...who will it be?^-^*evil thoughts*

well that was the best i could do.. enjoy


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